Robotic Surgeon_Killing Floor 3 Anouncement Trailer

Had the pleasure of collaborating with Hydra Studios on the design for this crazy looking robotic surgeon machine for the announcement trailer of Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor 3.

Hydra Studios for Tripwire Interactive
Directed by Neil Huxley.
Art Direction by @Milan Nikolic.

Shout out to the entire team: Sergio Caires, Amy Paterson, Meghan H., Vikas Prajapati, Fedor Guzev, KEYTALES, Marceau Nakayama, François Puren, Lukáš Jankovčín, Rodrigo Henrique, Till Freitag, Antonio Esparza, RocketFrames, Minimo Vfx, Roberto Ricci, Pang Mou