Creating in the Metaverse - THU Golden Ticket Challenge 2019
Sergio seabra 20190805 final
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Trying to interpret the brief, I spent a lot of time questioning what the desirable future would be for me as an artist and what my inner child would take as a best case scenario 40 years in the future. I would be 80 if I make it or if I don't maybe they'll digitize my brain and we can still hang out, who knows?

So, this led me to raise additional questions:
- As artists how will we interact and create with others?
- How far will VR take us as an immersive tool?
- How will the social networks evolve past the interfaces we now know?
- With the evolution of Neuralink and all the virtual networks how will the experience of creating in a social metaverse be?

I can imagine artists existing as much in these virtual worlds as the physical world. Collaborating in highly immersive hangouts where they can build entire worlds. This is what I tried to represent in this illustration. A type of semi abstract representation of what these type of experiences would likely feel and look.